Paintings of downtown Taunton MA


We love to get involved with the community however our main goal is to bring joy and culture to those around us by featuring local Artists and their talents; not only on our stage but on our walls. We have comic strip style art in the courtroom, street murals on our patio and astounding craftsmanship + preserved architecture within our building. Art is everywhere and is the HEART of our business. If you are a local artist and want to be featured please fill out the form below to send us a message!

Art on Display

Bob Leal Artwork Taunton Massachussetts

Robert Leal is an American artist who lives in and draws inspiration from southeastern Massachusetts. Bob lived through the hippies and the punks and it shows in his work- the classical mixed with pop, sly social commentary crossed with slickly confounding comedy, anarchy living merrily amongst order. In addition to his collection at the District Center and in venues throughout New England Bob has recently hung his work in the Plymouth Public Library, the Trescott Street Gallery and also another place. He had permission to hang them, no funny business.